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A Special Christmas Present - Godzilla by alphadevilll

Artwork by :iconalphadevilll:

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My Top Favs

Sailor Moon

Princess Serenity by Kaze-Hime
Venus by Satomi-Chan
Sailor Moon: Sailor Saturn by Naschi

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Nick Carter Wallpaper by IzabelMarrupho
Brian by SigillumxDiaboli by bsbclub
The_Backstreet_Bots by DoktorJennacide


Inuyasha in TotD for Urd-chan by EugeneCh
Fading Memories by druihd
Inuyasha-Kagome for Nillia by EugeneCh

Tokyo Mew Mew / Mew Mew Power

Ryou Shirogane - For Diva by Hika-Yagami
RxI - A Kiss for the Hair by ellana
Valentines_Anniv - RyouxIchigo by ellana

Avatar: The Last Airbender

The Iceberg and the Inferno by Spleef
Zuko and Katara by Blush-Art
::Avatar:: Polar opposites by circe-nausicca
Dreamers by petal-elf
Like the Ocean Under the Moon by suiseiusagi

Code Geass

Remember those days... by CodeGeass
Euphemia li Britannia from Code Geass | Minimalist by matsumayu
I swear I'm not Orange.... by Queen-Orange
Code Geass ID 1 by CodeGeass

How To Train Your Dragon 2

-Raw Vikingness- by KT-ExReplica
Hiccup Cosplay How to train your dragon 2 by liui-aquino
Digital Painting - Through All My Sorrow (HTTYD 2) by Aty-S-Behsam
The Alpha Protects Them All by sugarpoultry


Ice cream by Jiyu-Kaze

deviantART Artist: Amuria

fallen snow angel by Amuria
ray of hope by Amuria

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Winter Grace by Aeires
The Signs Of Life by Aeires
Fly by lucid-light
Essence of Life by Shimaira

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One Click Llama Button by Kishan-Bagaria
.:Pink Glitter Llama Badge by ginkgografix


Event Unknown Cataclysm by Swaroop
Engines Of Creation 01 by supaspoida
Creativity by CrisVector
The Seven Deadly Sins: VANITY by dahlig
Dark as snow.updated. by sakimichan
Sakura weep by sakimichan

Have you seen the new 2nd season of Dreamworks Dragons: Race to the Edge? 

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Thanks for the llama badge!:)
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thanks for the llama
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Thank you for the llama, hun!~
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Thanks a BILLION times for the Llama!
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Arigato <3 have a llama, too!
Thu Nov 5, 2015, 12:11 AM
thanks for the llama!
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Thanks for the llama. :)
Wed Oct 28, 2015, 11:27 PM
Thanks for the faves! You'll get one bck!!!
Wed Aug 26, 2015, 11:36 PM
Thanks for the Llama! :D
Sat Aug 15, 2015, 8:24 AM
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Ty for the llama >w<
Fri Jul 3, 2015, 12:26 PM
Thanks for the lama...Although I dont really understand it...
Mon May 4, 2015, 8:32 AM
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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Ontario, Canada

My deviantART ID made by :iconthiefoworld:

Nick Carter :iconiheartitplz: from the Backstreet Boys
serenading me on the 2011 Backstreet Boys Cruise


Happy New Year 2016

Fri Jan 1, 2016, 5:41 PM

HAPPY 2016 by SilentReaper
Blower fella (Party) by Ehsartem  :HappyNewYear: by MenInASuitcase  :HappyNewYear: by MenInASuitcase  :HappyNewYear: by MenInASuitcase  Blower fella (Party) by Ehsartem

I would first like to start off by wishing everyone a Happy New Year!!! :D I hope 2016 will be a good year for you. I usually don't make new years resolutions because I can never keep them so there isn't much point in making them but I will make one for this year because I think I can keep it. I noticed that I don't have many photos posted here but I have tons on my Facebook profile and a few on Instagram and Twitter. So I plan to take some of my fav photos of the past and post them here on dA. I'm pretty sure this is one easy resolution that I can keep. :)

My 100,000 pageview / kiriban is coming up soon so I'm hoping someone will take a screen cap of it, If you do, I would greatly appreciate it. I would also be willing to offer you one of my commissions for FREE. :)

Here are some recent submissions I have made. My parody called "The 12 Days of Snoggletog" based on "How To Train Your Dragon" movie is getting really good reviews. The other thing is my deviantART Holiday Card 2015 for the #HolidayCardProject of 2015.

The 12 Days of SnoggletogOn the 1st day of Snoggletog
Ruffnut gave to me
Tuffnut in a Loki tree
On the 2nd day of Snoggletog
Gobber gave to me
2 Gronckle Iron earrings
And Tuffnut hanging in a Loki tree
On the 3rd day of Snoggletog
Johann traded me
3 breast hats
2 Gronckle Iron earrings
And Tuffnut sleeping in a Loki tree
On the 4th day of Snoggletog
Astrid gave to me
4 mugs of Yaknog
3 breast hats
2 Gronckle Iron earrings
And Tuffnut still sleeping in that tree
On the 5th day of Snoggletog
Snotlout sold me
5 Gronckle eggs
4 mugs of Yaknog
3 breast hats
2 Gronckle Iron earrings
And Tuffnut waking up in Loki tree
On the 6th day of Snoggletog
Alvin gave to me
6 Whispering Death hatchlings
5 Gronckle eggs
4 mugs of Yaknog
3 breast hats
2 Gronckle Iron earrings
And Tuffnut yawning in a Loki tree
On the 7th day of Snoggletog
Dagur gave to me
7 Skrills a-skrilling
6 Whispering Death hatchlings
5 Gronckle eggs
4 mugs of Yaknog
3 breast hats
2 Gronckle Iron earrings
And Tuffnut stretching in a Loki tree
On the 8th day
   deviantART Christmas Card 2015 by MelMuff

The next thing I would like to is the core membership. I originally wanted to rant about this back in August but I never did. I honestly DO NOT LIKE the new core membership. The CORE icon looks hideous and the price jump is OUTRAGEOUS. I had a plan to extend my dA membership. Moonbeam13 was kind enough to give me 1 year free and afterwards, I was able to win contests during dA's 14th birthday bash that extended my membership. I was planning on dong the same during dA's 15 birthday bash and if I didn't win any contests then I was going to default in buying a dA membership. I had never bought a membership before but over the past 2 years, I have come to love it and wanted to keep it going. But on August 3rd, 2015, my plan was scrapped but dA suddenly raising prices and now I cannot no longer afford the new prices. So my only hope was to win contests. If I didn't win any then I would be forced to let my membership expire in October 2015. If that happened, I would be really sad but nothing I could do. A $50 membership would convert to around $65 Canadian, which I will never be able to afford unless I magically got a good paying job again. I did have one in the past for 5 years but I was laid off in 2013 and since then, I am working part-time, with too many bills to pay, and haven't been able to find a full-time job yet. Anyway, luckily I was able to win 6 months and got my sub extended a bit so my Plan A worked thankfully. I was also able to take part in that 50% off sale dA is offering. If you compare it to the old prices, before dA raised them last August, it's a really good deal. It's just like buying at the old price for half the time. Here is the old prices so you can make the comparison yourself:

Because of the contests I won and points people have donated me, I had 1557 points and used 1200 to buy the deal and now my membership has been extended. In total now, I have my sub for another year. I would like to buy the deal a 2nd time but for some unknown reason, my credit card won't work. Which is weird because I made 2 other online purchases with it. I have $20 left on and the deal should cost me $19.12 CAD but each time my card is declined. Now when I using the currency exchange through Google, it shows $15 USD = $20.77 CAD so my theory is that dA's conversion is wrong and I am like $0.77 short to buying the deal again. At least I was able to buy it for free the first time so I will be happy either way and enjoy my sub. Once it expires though and if I cannot find a way to renew it for free to afford to renew it in the future, once it expires, it will be gone for good. But I do have a theory I would like to test out but someone would have to be kind enough to donate or lend me 43 points. I'm left with 357 points currently and I think if I bought 800 points. as long as my card worked, then I would have the 1200 points I need to buy the deal a 2nd time. So if anyone out there would be kind enough to give me or lend me 43 points, I would appreciate it. If it does or doesn't work, I would be willing to refund you the points. If it doesn't work, I can refund you the points right away but if it does work then I can refund you the points in 1 month or less. And the reason why for the long wait is because it will take time for me to get paid and make another payment on my credit card. I only work part-time and had 2 weeks off for the holidays. I go back to work Monday, January 4th but I won't get paid until a week after on Friday, January 15 and then once I make the payment on my credit card, it will take a few days for it to go through. Hence why the long wait if you are okay with that. I also need the points before Monday, Jan. 4 because that is when the deal ends. If no one can help me out, that's okay. This is just an idea anyway and I'm not sure if it would work. Thank you in advance though if you are able to help me out. Thank you.

The next thing to talk about and I'm sorry that I didn't mention it before. There is no excuse whether I was too busy or too lazy. Anyway, sadly on November 10, 2015 at 7:25 PM, my beloved little boy, who was a cat, Snuggles, passed away. He did really well in life though. He was 17 and a half and was already a cancer survivor. Back in 2012 to 2013, for a period of 6 months, he had cancer in his ear. One of our dogs, who had knack at detecting cancer, licked his ear for that period of time and I did believe it was cancer but I brought him to the vet too soon and they didn't find cancer. 6 months later, he developed and infection and then a tumour was found in his ear and was positive for cancer. He had the tumour and all of his ear canal removed and went on chemotherapy as a pre-caution. I am happy to say that he was cured but sadly a year ago, he started showing symptoms and after 2 months in March 2015, the vet suspected cancer again. Finally in May 2015, he was diagnosed with Lymphoma in his intestines. He went on chemo again and it was able to slow it down briefly but sadly it didn't cure him as I was hoping. I read other reports and Lymphoma is a common cancer for cats to get. We had 3 cats all die within a span of a year due to Lymphoma. 2 of them were 15 and the other 1 was 11. My baby did good to make it to 17. Anyway, from what I read and from what other people told me due to personal experiences with their pets, chemo can almost cure Lymphoma. I had heard one cat was cured for 6 years but I guess it's not always the case. If you have a pet or know anyone with a pet who is suffering from cancer, I do encourage chemo if you can afford it but it is very expensive but it was worth it for my baby. The only things I do kind of regret is 2 weeks before he passed, he developed Anemia from the cancer and the vet strongly recommended a blood transfusion. It was super expensive and I couldn't really afford it nor want to do it but I went through with it anyway desperate to try anything to help him. It almost killed him. I brought him back to the vet the next day as he looked like he was close to death but I couldn't part with him yet and decide to try and nurse him back to health. At least that decision gave him another 2 weeks. He did recover briefly and it was like he came back to life but he was still very week and there was nothing more that could be done for him. From what I was told, blood transfusion are suppose to make the pet stronger but in his case, I honestly feel it made him weaker and may have shortened his life span. Despite the Anemia, he was still acting normal and I let the vet give him the blood transfusion while it looked like nothing was wrong with him. In the end, I am no expert but I would recommend not doing a blood transfusion if your pet has developed Anemia from cancer. It's very expensive and isn't a cure anyway. I was told that it would just buy him more time, which it didn't so don't do it and save your money and enjoy whatever time you have left with you pet if they do have cancer. But in other cases though, blood transfusions are necessary and are life saving like if your pet was hit by a car or having surgery. One of our dogs did have a blood transfusion while having surgery and it was successful. And here are pics of Snuggles that I posted recently from his 17th birthday on May 1, 2015:

Snuggles' 17th birthday May 1, 2015 - Photo 1 by MelMuff   Snuggles' 17th birthday May 1, 2015 - Photo 2 by MelMuff

I'm sorry for the long journal. After not posting a journal entry in a long time, I had a lot to say. The last thing I would like to mention is some projects that I have let go for over a year, I plan on finally getting back to them and to finally finish updating my dA profile. I recently gave the navigational menu of my gallery a minor update. I used the same layout but I changed how the buttons looked a bit. I also like it a lot better now because it now looks a lot more like I originally envisioned. Here is an example of the new look:

Commission example by MelMuff

I also offer this in my commissions. Anyone can have this in their gallery for free. It's doesn't matter if you have a free deviantART account or a paid subscription. Since my gallery was large, it took me awhile to finish it. I can make you one like this or a different layout but price will depend on how small or large your gallery. But if you would rather design your own, you will need an image program like Adobe Photoshop but if you don't have access to such a program, like me currently, you can use a free image program. The 2 that I know of are Paint and GIMP. I use GIMP daily. It's very much like Adobe Photoshop and it's FREE to download and use. Once you have an image program, the image for each folder and/or sub-folder can be no more than 152 pixels wide and 400 pixels high. For my menu, I kept it at the max 152 width and the height would vary for each. And I don't mind giving free advice. If you do tackle to make your own menu for your gallery, good luck. :)

 © CSS JMTH/poserfan
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Have you seen the new 2nd season of Dreamworks Dragons: Race to the Edge?
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MelMuff's 100,000 pageviews by MelMuff
MelMuff's 100,000 pageviews
Not sure if anyone else got it. I was watching like a hawk and managed to get it myself but I am hoping someone else got it too. I finally reached 100,000 pageviews. w00t! :D
Can you get a screencap of my 100,000 pageview / kiriban? If so, you can get one of my commissions for FREE. Sorry, I cannot do art requests like a drawing.
3 deviants said I will do my best and try!
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by osowyn

This piece is just so amazing. It's so beautiful. I'm not sure if I'm looking at a horse or unicorn. That line in the waves is such a g...

.:Tee hee:. by ArtisticPages

This is so cute. Great job! :) The textures and colours go so well together. Purple and pink also happen to be my fav colours. I also lo...

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Stamps / I Support

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